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Mission: Crash Landing
Timeline: Date 1961-09-15 at 1307

Lewis followed behind everyone in a straight line into math class "Order will secure your future," Headmaster Heath use to say, Lewis took his usual solid wooden desk, at the back in between Simion & Gorge, taking out his Maths book from his bag, he scribbled down the date and title off the chalkboard which Mr Benedict French wrote down.

He looked at the board but his mind was elsewhere. Taking back to St James' park, that circus tent falling to ruin, strange room inside, damaged and the 2 Women. The Historian & The Cleaner, both speak like Aliens with their big words. He couldn't help but wonder, what happened inside that tent, alarms blazing, smoke oozing from the obelisk in the centre of the glass platform. The room might have been foggy with the smoke, and dark due to the destroyed interior but he was certain, the bright orange flames from that man the orange flames that lit the room up had in fact changed himself.

The Cleaner became quite clearly a woman, "Dalek's, Supernovas, Gallifrey" what did this mean? Was it some secret passcode? How did he become a she was the question that kept revolving around his mind. It was a good idea too that he got out of that room and invited them to a nearby cafe but now they were around the school he went to. Was it a bad thing they were interested in Miss Blackstar? Lewis' English teacher.

"MR TUCKER!" Screeched, the rugged and clearly broken voice of the bald and grey caterpillar eyebrow man, Mr French. Lewis quickly broke out of his daze and looked straight at Mr French who stood in front of his blackboard, who in turn slapped his hand onto the board, chalk dust coming off and choking the student that sat in front of Mr French. The board read. "2z+2=6" who no example.
Lewis froze, his mouth dropped open and looking at the board, all that came out of "Ah- um... z=6?"

Mr French just shook his head and let out a sigh," 56 years I've taught. I've taught the whole of your family, and I've yet to see anyone of the Tucker household with a brain..." Using his ruler, he pointed at the "ADD 2 TO THE 6 BECAUSE OF THE 2 IN THE MIDDLE, MAKING AN 8. DOUBLE X2 BECAUSE OF THE MIDDLE 2 AGAIN, MAKING A 4. DIVIDE THAT 8 BY 4 AND YOU GET Z=2." Mr French quickly scribbled that out, shaking his head and Lewis went back to daydreaming, he knew he wasn't good at anything.

6x2= 8

Who was Miss Blackstar? Why was The Cleaner so interested in her hair colour? What was a shimmer? Lewis had so many questions, his hand soar through the air Mr French looked at Lewis and said "...Just get out," Lewis did exactly that, he got up from his seat and left the room with the horrible dark wooden panels on the wall to look for answers, The Cleaner or The Historian, preferably The Historian, she seemed more social than the other.