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Arrival - Part 3

Posted on Thu Dec 15th, 2022 @ 8:06pm by The Cleaner & The Historian
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Mission: Crash Landing
Timeline: Date 1961-09-15 at 1300

The Cleaner strolled into Saint James school along with The Historian while Lewis was sent back to class, not knowing this would be his last class. She strolled up to the main reception and stated to the woman who sat behind the glass "We wish to speak to a member of staff called Miss Blackstar," The woman however just glared at her when a soft voice replied from down the corridor "I'll take this take from her Gladis," turned around and there stood a woman with dark pink hair just like Lewis stated. "Miss Blackstar? We wish to discuss with you, Article 57 of the Shadow Proclamation."

"Ah," Blackstar replied, "I believe we should take this to my classroom, follow me and don't speak." As they walked through the corridors they had finally reached the classroom of Blackstar walking into the classroom Blackstar turned around quickly and said "For starters, I work for the Shadow Proclamation so don't go quoting. My name is Toyafu I'm a Zygon and my work here is of the utmost importance,"

"Well," Stated the Cleaner, "Call me the Cleaner. I haven't been to Earth but I know of its major events."

Ahria spoke up after the Cleaner. "And I am the Historian. I have been to Earth once or twice myself."

"Why are you here?" The Cleaner asked exploring the classroom stopping and staring at the various posters hung in the room. "Sol (Earth) is a Level 5 planet. What's your mission, if that is even legal..."

Miss Blackstar looked at the Cleaner and back at the Historian, clearly thinking if it would be best to tell until finally, she cracked. "A member of the Multi-form race by the name of Björn is here. My duty is to seek him out and remove him from the world... A Shapeshifter hunting a Shapeshifter, do you see the problem?" She finished by placing her hands on her hips and rising her eyebrows.

"I definitely see the problem. But how do we know that we can trust you" Ahria questioned. She was definitely skeptical of Toyafu's explanation.

"You don't," Replied Blackstar. "I'm an undercover agent do you really expect me to carry some form of ID?" Then she took a long pause, moving her hand through her curly hair "Look, I want off this rock, I can't cope dealing with teaching English to the baby-like stupidity of Human teenagers... Just please, help me. This assignment is driving me insane."

The Historian looked at the Cleaner. "What do you think?" she looked back at Blackstar.

Cleaner, staring out of the window "... In order for a Multi-form to shapeshift they need to place their target into a coma so there must be someone in a medical facility and walking the halls of this school." She said turning around and facing the two other women in the room.

"So if we do help you..." she started as she looked at Blackstar then turned to the Cleaner. "We divided and conquer if we are looking for this Björn as you call them?"

"I don't even think he's here anymore," Blackstar said placing her hands on her hips "I've searched all hospitals up and down the country for past and present staff. Nothing."

"Then he must be hiding his identity inside this building," The Cleaner stated. "Historian, ever experienced Multi-form's before?"

"Aside from Blackstar here, I haven't had too many encounters with them per say, but as a historian I have witnessed a a sizeable amount of events with shapeshifters" the Historian answered honestly.

"That makes 3," Cleaner said "How are we going to find him?"

"Your wasting your time," Blackstar replied hastily "Björn isn't here, I've looked in every corner of this planet except... His ship, Björn is a black market dealer, he's been here for about a month, it can't be a client so maybe he wants something?"

"Any idea of where his vessel could be?" the Historian scratched her chin.

"Is it possible that it could have a cloaking device," Cleaner replied "But, depending on the variant of ship it's possible that such a device must have caused an overload in the power grid when the ship came through the atmosphere and crashed somewhere, possibly with the cloaking device still active... Maybe we should look for a cloaked ship."

"Agreed" Ahria replied. "Given the fact that there is a chance that a cloaked ship may have caused overloads in the power grids, I think we should check areas with mass power issues in the grids. It could narrow the search down."

"We are in agreement then," The Cleaner said with her back up against the wall now. "But we're going to need a scanner of some sort to locate the clocked ship... I doubt this planet has anything of the like,"

"This is pointless, there's not a power station big enough for a trip in the grid," Blackstar chimed in, standing at the front of the class at the chalkboard. "Oh... England's first nuclear plant, Calder Hall nuclear power station in Seascale."

She looked at the Historian. "I think I may know where we may find the technology to create a scanner" she added. Ahria actually meant hers or the Cleaner's Tardis, but she didn't want to say too much, as she didn't really trust Blackstar all that much yet.

"Oh..." The Cleaner said just getting the thought "Gosh I'm slower in this regeneration," She whispered to herself. "We must use yours, mine is undergoing repairs... And I only have a basic understanding of mine."

"Very well. Fair warning, it is going to be a bit of a trek to mine. I was exploring the area for a bit when I got here" she turned to look at both the Cleaner and Blackstar. "Is access into the plant easy, or are we going to need to make a more discrete and covert entrance?"

"I teach English," Blackstar replied "Not conduct security," She then let out a sigh realising she was talking to smart people and not Human monkeys. "It'll be full of guards, scientists and engineers so we'll need to pose as something, inspectors of some sort... Yes, I said "we'll", my mission I'm going to."

The Historian thought for a moment. Her ship was in the form of a police box. It could prove beneficial. She looked at Blackstar and then at the Cleaner. "We could use a police box to get in. We could pose as inspectors from Scotland Yard?"

"I know little of this planet," Repiled The Cleaner then Blackstar interjected, "That could work, except they don't inspect health and safety we'll need to drum up something like looking for an employee on a crime."

"Agreed" she looked at the Cleaner. "What were you going to say Cleaner?"

"Security is going to be tight," The Cleaner said "We won't be able to find a ship with someone following us." She then looked at the Historian and telepathically sent a message at high speeds which were "We should be on high alert with Blackstar... I am bringing that child with us, he has seen too much already and I intend to keep him close to me until I return to Gallifrey."

The Historian nodded and then returned the favor to the Cleaner in her own telepathic message. "We may be able to use one of our ships to get in unannounced and I agree about Blackstar. As for the kid are you sure that is wise? Gallifrey is gone at least in my timeline. If we go back to Gallifrey in your time-stream then maybe it will still be there. But if it is, then it will be dangerous. Especially for the kid and especially if the war is still going on."

"The boy might have his uses. As for piloting, I have basic knowledge and my ship is still undergoing repairs." The Cleaner replied telepathically. "As for Gallifrey, I'll believe it with my own eyes."

The Historian made a short reply telepathically. "Very well. Perhaps I may need to show you later. But right now we do have more pressing issues to focus on at the moment all things considered."

"Finally," The Cleaner said "We can agree on something," she said snarkily. She walked towards the door, gripped the handle and swung it open. "Come on Blackstar, we know exactly to get in..."

To be continued...


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