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Arrival - Part 2

Posted on Sat Mar 26th, 2022 @ 6:28pm by The Cleaner & Lewis Tucker & The Historian
Edited on on Sat Dec 17th, 2022 @ 7:49am

Mission: Crash Landing
Location: Café René - London
Timeline: Date 1961-09-15 at 1240

The Cleaner along with the Historian had left the withered, old, red and white Circus Tent in the park and followed the intrusions left by the local that first found the ship to a nearby cafe along the journey the Timelords didn't really say much after their tiny argument about home.

Lewis Tucker sat at the table in front of the window that had a clear view of the side entrance of the park simply because he was hoping to see them before he had to sneak back into school in 10 mintuies, however, when he did notice them he have a short wave to indicate this was the place he meant.

"I hope you have Earth currency," The Cleaner said to the Historian crossing the asphalt road and into the cafe still with her hand on the pistol that was in her pocket, despite there being 3 vacant seats she still sat next to Lewis to enforce her idea of a safe timeline.

"I hope whatever you discussed was about lunch," Lewis said re-reading the menu for the 8th time but aiming to at least get a discussion starting before he asked his questions of what just happened to women calling herself "The Cleaner".

The Historian slid into her spot in front of Lewis and the Cleaner. It had been a while since she had even been in proximity to another Time Lord. But it had only been a short time for the Cleaner. She could see where she had been coming from in her arguments. But both Time Lord's lives had been drastically different even before the Time War. Ahria had been essentially banished before the war and before she returned to help in the war efforts. Not that she particularly cared about her own exile anyway.

"Sorry, we discussed more important matters. " The Cleaner said eyeing the Historian who had just sat down "I haven't been to this country before but I would like to try some tea. Historian, what would you like for lunch?"

She thought for a moment. Her coffee had gotten cold because she hadn't had the time to finish it because she discovered the Cleaner's Tardis. "I think I might go for coffee and fish and chips."

Lewis turned around and raised his hand to signal to the waiters they wished to order now it was calm before the storm of people from the surrounding offices came a younger man with black hair approached with a notepad but he looked confused mainly at Lewis and the company with him. "Coffe, 2x tea's 2x fish and chips please," Lewis spoke softly with a smile and the Waiter compiled taking their orders then headed off into the back.

"I must say Ms Cleaner," Lewis said with his hands on his lap trying to spark a convocation because the tension between the 2 females was quite clear "If you don't mind me being so bold how did you get your hair that shade of pink? My English teacher Miss Blackstar has that exact shade except darker,"

The Cleaner sharply turned to the other of her kin, with a raised eyebrow show said "Strange people of this era haven't started experimenting with crazed colours. Historian was there are crashed ships apart from mine when you landed or meteor showers passing by this planet?"

"Nothing on scanners at least. Why do you ask?" the other Timelord asked.

"Because when you work for the Celestial Intervention Agency you're taught about shapeshifters or very bad shimmer devices. In this case, it seems the English Teacher's shimmer hasn't properly accounted for the user's height though why would they come to this rock? Yes I know it's in the centre of all galaxies but still, it's just a busy road for ships." The Cleaner said

She looked at the Cleaner and raised an eyebrow. "You believe his English Teacher has a shimmer?" she motioned to Lewis.

"We are in a time period where pink hair doesn't exist. Call me suspicious but it is unnatural after all," The Cleaner replied.

"True. But who knows if she is the one that started that trend?" Ahria asked. But the Cleaner was right. It was a little suspicious. "Even so, I guess it does seem a little odd for the time period."

The waiter came back the plate of fish and chips for the Historian and Lewis which was put down in front of them along with their piping hot drink. "Thank you," Lewis said but when the Waiter had left he had a few questions on his mind. "Is anyone of you going to tell me what you are talking about? I can assure you, Miss Blackstar is a fine person,"

The Historian took a sip of her coffee and looked at the Cleaner to give that answer. She could give that answer, but Ahria felt that the Cleaner could give better context, and make it easier for Lewis to understand better than she could.

Firstly, The Cleaner took a sip of tea, to help finish the regeneration. "We believe your teacher is a shapeshifter, a non-human cable of changing their looks. If your teacher, Miss Blackstar is a space shifter then the web of time is comprised and if that breaks down. We're in danger, her very existence could be exposed, the Human Empire could occur earlier and destroy other worlds, destroying the web of time completely which in turn, could destroy the universe." The Cleaner said then leaning back in her seat, looking around for a brief moment "Very complex business, time."

Lewis was at first confused and didn't reply his teacher that was so kind to him being able to change how she looked? But it all came together, she wasn't sick, always there, never leaving. "Right... Ms How could she be from another world? She's one of us, me, you. Forgive my weirdness, but she smells of roses. And this Human Empire? The British Empire has become democratic."

Ahria raised an eyebrow at The Cleaner. "I have an idea about what kind of shapeshifter Miss Blackstar is, if she even is one, but I'm just as confused as Lewis is. Specifically about the "Human Empire?" she questioned.

"The Web of Time is already comprised Exile," The Cleaner replied sharply "I prefer time to remain on course today, so let's hear this theory?"

"Zygons. Possibly?" she questioned herself. "If she doesn't just have a shimmer device, and she is from another race, I think she could potentially be a Zygon."

"Hmm possibly, yes," The Cleaner replied "But we'll have to find out first, I trust you have clothes for this time period and items to let us pose as something. While the boy attends class. But let us enjoy our meal first."

To be continued...


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