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Posted on Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 4:30pm by The Cleaner & Lewis Tucker & The Historian
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Mission: Crash Landing
Location: St James's Park, London, England 20 of September 1961
Timeline: Date 1961-09-15 at 1230

Lewis attended the nearby secondary school, St James but when it came to breaking out Lewis often escaped to the nearby park climbing over the fences or walking out the front door you name it he probably has done it. He didn't have many friends but he loved the atmosphere of the nearby park so he would often attend still in his school uniform, shorts button shirt and tie with a blazer over the top.

As he sat on a bench staring outwards to a patch of colourful flowers he heard a sound, not from a bird or car, it was a sort of wheezing noise that intrigued him but in the distance on the other side of the park, a run down circuits tent began to fade in and out, in and out until it stopped becoming a reality and his month quickly dropped open but it was just the start of the afternoon only he was in the park and so he quickly ran over in the top blazing summer weather.

Lewis now stood outside the flap entrance of the test, examining it until someone else appeared a long side him...

The Historian walked up next to the teenager who looked no older than 15 or 16. She had been in 1961 London for an hour and a half already trying to find the signal she received, which resembled another Tardis.

"Excuse me sir, but have you seen anything out of the reg- oh wait, that wasn't there before" she said answering her own question. She had passed by the park about 15 minutes prior and there was no circus tent. Her suspicions seemed to be correct.

"Yes Miss," Lewis replied "I watched it fade in and out, it was like something out of the TV or a book. I've never seen anything like this before. Do you have any clues, Miss?" Lewis asked facing the stranger with a puzzled look on his face

She replied but continued looking at the circus tent. "Yes I have an idea, but I need to confirm it," she looked at the boy. "I'm the Historian by the way."

"Historian?" Lewis said again with a puzzled look "Are you from America? I'm sorry, my name is Lewis. How will you confirm it? I can help I'm predicted a U (failed grade) in Chemistry."

She chuckled. "No, I'm afraid I am from a lot further than America. As for the tent we can check it by just walking right in, if I am correct on my theory."

"You seem to be the expert Ms," Lewis said with a smile motioning for her to go first as he felt someone who was further than America must have been Russian or Japanese and from what he listed to in the history class he took they was smart people.

Upon both entering due to the size of the outside it was clear that the whole "bigger on the inside" thing wasn't clear. However the console room was a wreck, flash and bangs could be heard and seen in the console room, alarms blazing but however, there was a survivor, a Male black human who laid out on the small steps leading to the console but orange like flames came from his fingers and head until it stopped. What replaced the man was now an elderly female with light pink hair who could be heard grunting

Lewis however noticed the person on the floor it was hard not to as the orange like flames was the only light source that wasn't dim. Looking to The Historian and back to the person on the floor, he asked The Historian "Wha... What just happened to him? Is he dead?"

She crouched next to the body. "No. He- I mean she isn't. She is more or less reborn. It's complicated," said as she thought for a moment.

"Reborn?" Lewis asked hovering "Like when a snake regrows its tail? No, it's impossible. And do you know what any of those buttons do?"

Before The Historian could reply however the woman laying down took a huge gasp "I am The Cleaner," She said bouncing between Lewis and The Historian "I assume the ship has materialized back on Gallifrey? I must talk to my superiors in the CIA about my mission. It is urgent I must see them before..." The when paused realising her voice didn't like the male voice she had "Oh... My first regen, I must say you both are looking blurry. I must have hit my head on the console."

The Historian frowned. "Ehh, about that," she began. "You're on Earth, approximately in the early 1960s, in some sort of park in London.

"Then I must have activated the Zig-Zag-Plotter," The Cleaner said "How was I located? Did the Timelords send you?" Then she began to pull herself up which she managed nearly going backwards on the stairs, slowly moving towards the console.

"No, actually. I was in my Tardis viewing a supernova from afar, when I detected your Tardis. I have to say, it's been a while since I have seen the rest of you all."

"Detected?" She said, "Then my ship must be damaged if you detected me." Then she touched a few buttons before saying "Self-repair active. It's a good job you found me rather you than a Dalek."

"I'm sorry supernova, Dalek, Gallifrey? Is Gallifrey a city?" Lewis asked still with a puzzled look bouncing between the 2 unknown to him Timelords.

"I take it he is a native?" The Cleaner asked "Why did you bring him in here. You know the laws, his mind must be wiped... Actually, what do you mean it's been a while since you've seen the rest of us all? Are you an exile or did we finally lose the Time War after so much blood has been split?"

"He discovered it materializing before I did. Besides, I needed to confirm it was a Tardis," her eyes became cloudy. "The war ended. There isn't many of us left, hell, I thought I was the only one until I found you, but that's beside the point right now. We lost. The Daleks lost," she put her emotions in check. "Millions died. Many of them timelords."

"Impossible," The Cleaner replied "This vessel's crew and I departed while the Dalek fleets were many light years away from home. We were winning,"

"Excuse me, Miss," Lewis chimed in "Shall we go elsewhere? I know a nearby cafe where we can eat and maybe you could help me understand what you mean,"

She looked at The Cleaner. "Don't forget where we are," she said implying The Cleaner's Tardis. "That was before-" she stopped suddenly, contemplating if she should proceed with her words. "Lewis, it's best you go find us a table at that cafe, if it's alright with The Cleaner, we'll be right behind you," she said because she didn't want to inflict too much of Gallifrey's shaky past on a teenager just quite yet. Though to better understand things, there was a chance he'd have to be told sooner or later.

"Sure," Lewis replied "Just exit the tent and turn right straight through the exit you should see a cafe on the street corner," Then he turned around and exited the TARDIS which was unknown to him.

"The laws of time must be upheld exile," The Cleaner said crossing her arms "You know you cannot tell me about the future or the past. If that boy is a boy then my ship cannot modify his memories otherwise it could destroy him he must accompany me home my TARDIS should be repaired in 12 hours hopefully by then I have figured out who I am now,"

"That's just the problem Cleaner," her eyes grew cloudy again. "Last I heard, Gallifrey is gone. I don't know how, and I certainly don't know where it is, but tell me, how do you expect to go home when there is no home?" she sighed to try and keep her emotions in check. Gallifrey was her home, and it was gone. Even if she ran, she could still miss the place. "If it's any consolation, you can use my Tardis to wipe his memories, it's intact, for the most part at least. If it helps, I may be able to give you some spare parts, but it won't be much."

"I do not know how to fly a Time Capsule, I intend to return to the planet where the ship's crew and I were under siege, look for survivors and then take the boy back to Gallifrey," She had said walking to a round thing behind The Historian by the time she had finished she opened the round thing and withdrew a Gallifrey Pistol, turned around and held it up "This is for my protection and the boy's future," She then finished by picking a wasteland survivor jacket and equipping it, putting the pistol into the pocket with her right hand, then she mentioned to the door "Shall we go find him then? Before he returns to school that is... Don't they have a warm drink called tea here? That should help my body finish regenerating."

To be continued...


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