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The Cleaner

Name Ponlornarthdranaga

Position Timelord

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Timelord
Age 437
Regeneration 2nd
Great House Dromeian
Chapter Dromeian Academy
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Hair Color Light Pink
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description The Cleaner looks like a 60 year old Human Female from Sol-3 (Earth) wrinkles, short-sighted and hunched over except the light pink colour of hair other than that she dresses pretty elderly with burgundy colours with an exception of the colour pink here and there.


Spouse Dorvaldmunkoloakino (Female) - Status Unknown
Children Dorvinchegegreyayon (Male 57) - Status Unknown
Father Hedterxotaorquajast - Status Unknown
Mother Jodkelataparquith - Status Unknown
Brother(s) Falpaxiaborazada (Twin - 1st Regen) - Status unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview The Cleaner is a straightforward woman who will say anything even if someone would not understand if they didn’t she would at least attempt to say it in a phrase or certain way of putting the sentence.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength
Quick thinker

Bad runner
Ambitions To find any survivors of her lost homeworld

Personal History Ponlornarthdranaga was born to a mechanic and a businessman they both lived happily but there was another, Ponlornarthdranaga has a twin who was great friends but actually, they deeply hated each other they would often fight, heavily injuring each other.
However, at the age of 8 like every other child, she was taken to the Untempered Schism to look at her future but what she saw she never spoke of it to anyone not even her sibling still she was selected for the position of a Timelord being put into a Great House like her Father.

Ponlornarthdranaga worked in the Celestial Intervention Agency though her work was secret not much was known but she stayed there for many years earning the trust of many other agents and fell in love with one also having a son with her until the Timewar began which only encouraged her work to find out what the Dalek’s knew.

However, it took a few hundred years for a plan to be approved and created. To take a type 91 TARDIS behind enemy lines and gather intel the TARDIS departed but it went missing… What actually happened is the ship materialized at a nearby battlefield on the planet they weren’t looking for they managed to collect their intel but they was discovered, Ponlornarthdranaga team died except her she managed to get back to the ship but the ship was damaged where she is now is unknown...