Rules on the Last of Us are divided into two sections. Behavioural rules, violation of which will be grounds for immediate removal, and writing rules, violation of which will usually result in warnings with removal only as a measure of last resort.

As a member of Sim Central, all rules in effect within this organization also apply to the Last of Us. As such these rules can be considered complementary to the organization-wide rules:

Behavioural Rules:
-All members of the sim are expected to behave appropriately to each other. Harassment, discrimination, intimidation or any other similar act is not accepted under any circumstance.
-The Last of Us is a fully inclusive community, members will be accepted regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, politicial orientation, ethnicity, religion or any other consideration not relevant to their individual actions as a person. An exception is made for age where due to the nature of some subjects it may be inappropriate to let those below the age of 18 participate.

Writing Rules:
-Writers are the owners of their created characters. Any action of a Played Character (whether primary or secondary) without the consent of the owner of that character is not allowed.
-Stories written as part of the storylines are property of the USS Noor Inayat Khan. No single writer can exercise copyright over anything but their own individual characters.
-Writers are expected to contribute regularly to ongoing joined posts and post at least once every two weeks.
-The Last of Us encourages ensemble casts where individual writers control multiple characters. Initially, new writers will be limited to a primary character and two secondary characters (assigned to non-senior posts). This limit will be increased based on demonstrated activity and writing capability. All secondary characters must be approved by the Senior Game Manger.