The Last of Us is a Doctor who nova-based simm, acting like the TV show Doctor who focusing on a Timelord and their friend.

The war to end all wars has concluded though there are few survivors. Some Timelords barely escaped during the fight with the Daleks while there are Timelords who weren't recalled back to fight. They now different roam endlessly in their TARDIS's through time & space helping the good fight or watching on the sidelines

Along the way, they will make friends and those friends will have the opportunity to travel in space and time. They may be a Nun from the 9th century who wishes to spread the word of their god or the Elected President of the good ol' USA in the 23rd century that just needs a break from all the hard work they've done.

Do you have what it takes to be that lone Timelord fighting the good fight with your Sontaran friend who trying not to murder everyone in their empire's name? Or are you tagging along for the wacky ride of fighting monsters and seeing what the galaxy has to throw at you?